Friday, October 8, 2010

Fiji Photo Dump

Well. So we come to this. Most of the story is already told and all that was missing is the rest of the pictures.

We departed Tonga for the three night run to Fiji and it was like the other times. Clear, a bit of squalls, here and there but mainly not as much wind. There would be a bunch of motoring. I don't mind, since motoring means heading on the right course but using the diesel costs about three bucks a gallon.

Two nights later we were in the Fiji group, but we still had another 24 hours before we could arrive a Savusavu, which along with Suva is a major check in city.

Unfortunately, we arrived on a Saturday so we had to pay extra for the check in process. And they made us wait about two hours before we could start.

Copra Shed was a great host. They helped us get the officials out to us and even did our laundry for $9.00 U.S.!

One funny story about Copra Shed; They have a nice Yacht Club (Click on this link to see a great photo of the club Savusavu YC), beer is cheap and all the cruisers go there and get good and loaded while socializing and playing chess. Sunday morning a radio call goes as follows:

"All cruisers monitoring this net, this is "So and So" (Boat Name unimportant), I have to report that my dinghy was stolen between 0200 and 0800. Anyone having any information, please call me back on this net. Out"

Roger and I looked at each other in glee. We knew that this person was probably one of the really hammered folks we left at the club. We snickered that he probably misplaced it.

About five minutes goes by and another boat comes up on the net with a question; "Where did you leave the dinghy?"

We hooted and laughed on Beaujolais.

Our victim came back and said that he had tied it onto his boat at 0200 and went to bed.

The reply to that was "Look on the dock. Your dinghy is tied there. Maybe someone borrowed it."

Naturally, the victim was super pleased that he got his property back. But I think the locals and a few others were insulted to be accused of stealing.

We think the guy got a ride back to his boat because he was so hammered and forgot that someone gave him a lift in his own dinghy. It was funny to us, at the time...

We met with several boats from the past voyages, most notable was Sojourn. They came back to Beaujolais where they asked if we had a guitar on board. We did. There was a great sing-along where we slaughtered Jimmy Buffett songs until the wee hours. I have video, but am unsure if it should see the light of day.

I wonder if we were bothering the other boats with our bad singing? Since we departed Savusavu the next day, we shall never know...

Last look across Vava'u Harbor

We borrowed some charts from this boat. What a beauty!

Customs Wharf

Heading electronically out of harbor

We looked forward to rain. It would mean adding water to tanks.

I never tire of looking at these odd limestone islands.

Notice how the sea dissolves the lower edges

The blue line is our intended track. The green is our real heading!

The rains never came. But we still had about a hundred gallons of water.

Land Ho! Fiji.

It was exciting to be in such a large island group. We still have one night to go.

On our approach to Savusavu, the biggest squall yet welcomes us.

It was a real soaker, we got at least twenty gallons of fresh water.

The Copra Shed

Nice little harbor.

Sojourn is on the left. Good friends, there!

Sojourn's Crew who serenaded us with a big sing-along.


Ken n Cheryl said...

This is what it's all about! New friends (and old) and beautiful places.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Guys! In a week I shall be back to finish up.

P.S.; I am off to the Barco to do a wash job. Always chores...

Buck said...

I wonder if we were bothering the other boats with our bad singing?

You KNOW what they say about people who can't take a joke...