Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on the Beaujolais in Fiji

T-minus 4 days until I am outta here. Here are some pictures sent to me with progress of paint job.

I should be underway for the West by Saturday, I wish I did not have to go back because the home front is nice for all the goodies and I like being with the loved ones. The kitties are going to be angry!

Beaujolais was sanded down, a filler used to smooth rough spots and then was primed for the two part paint which is mixed and sprayed. After the first coat, a blue paint is used to find any anomalies which are sanded and repainted.

Today, Beaujolais will be lifted from it's hole and placed on stands for painting the bottom with anti-fouling paint, two coats worth.

After the paint has cured, Beaujolais will be back in the water and heading around the point to Lautoca for final clearance out of Fiji. I will meet the boat there, get an afternoon and evening of rest and be off the next morning for Australia.

I'm hoping for fair winds and following seas, it will be fifteen days underway, unless we make some stops in New Caledonia or Chesterfield Reef. It will be a good time.

P.S. I am looking forward to seeing a new boat! Beaujolais has been getting a complete refit job which has been in work for the past four years. Everything from standing rigging to the heads has been replaced or completely redone.

Sanded with some filler in the flawed areas

Tented for spraying

Great job masking off. Makes all the difference.

Almost there

These guys are real artists.

Look at the sheen on that coating!

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As for last weekend, The Spousal Unit went home to visit her family (Planned before I suddenly came home), so I took the Barco over to the NAS Jax and hung out with my fellow retiree buddies for Friday and Saturday nights. This included a really nice trip up McGirts creek on Saturday afternoon, South of Timuquana Bridge with three passengers. It gets so dense with forest by RInghaver Park that you would not know the boat is only a quarter mile to the West of the NAS Jax runways. Plus; having friends aboard who haven't seen this waterway makes it a real treat.

It was strange, getting underway from the Yacht Club Marina on Friday evening and leaving the NAS Marina on Sunday morning with only me to pull lines and tie up. Good to see I can do all that alone, but it is not fun being on the river solo. I never could understand why anyone would want to single handedly cruise any kind of vessel, even though it is done all the time.

Any day on the smooth water in 80 degree sunshine is a good one,  right?


LL said...

Are you back home in Florida or in Fiji?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

In Jacksonville until Thursday.

Buck said...

I wouldn't know a good paint job from a bad paint job, so I'll take ya at yer word, Darryl.

And a good day out on the water beats a good day on the job, any day!