Thursday, October 14, 2010

A last minute reprieve

We did a skype chat with Roger last night. The latest news is that Nadi has been getting rain and that work on the boat stops whenever there is precipitation. Apparently, only topside varnish is left and it is vital to have dry weather.

So the final word is that there is no way we can leave by even Monday. 

I called Qantas and got my flight pushed back to Saturday, which gets me to Fiji on Monday at 0510. This saves me from a couple nights in the hotel and I get to be with the Spouse and kitties just that much longer. The Meezer's know that something is up...

This evolution is not unlike how it is in the Navy, although there is less wailing and gnashing of teeth. I remember how it was going to sea on a Spruance Class destroyer (Deyo, DD-989) that was in and out of mini yard periods while trying to perform the mission. 

Believe me, there was much screaming and yelling, and always some maintenance project seeming to keep us from departing on a planned date. But we always sailed on those dates ordered so I think much of the stress was self induced just because that is how the Surface Navy works.

Funny how memories from 18 years ago are so vivid. Believe me, I feel no stress about this trip other than dreading the 24 hours of travel. Cold beers and tropic sunshine await me, and when we do leave it will be the routines of sailing 24 hours a day in the blue Pacific Ocean. 

With flying fish buzzing about our heads!


Buck said...

The 24-hour travel bit is most certainly a world-class PITA. But like you said: the reward at the end makes it worth it. I'm not sure I could make that trade-off at this point in life, tho.

Enjoy your delay!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Ahh, Buck; I think you probably would endure the journey if there was a mission involved. But just flying for a vacation would not be my idea of fun, either.