Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothing new to post lately...

Over the last weekend, we completely weeded out our closets of old clothing. We gave three very large garden trash bags of very good clothing to the Navy Wives' Club thrift shop at NAS Jax. There will be a massive professional top-to-bottom field day of the Casa on this coming Friday which will mean the emptying of other rooms of the excess trash we have accumulated over the years.

There has been much spending and doing around the Barco, too. And no boating.

We have a nice young man named JR who is busy sanding and varnishing the teak on the topsides. This guy is soooo goood, he had all the old stuff sanded off and taped up for varnish after two days!

There are now three coats of Epifane's Varnish on the rails and two on the Sundeck trim, I expect all the jobs to be done by next Wednesday. We are looking forward to a scrubbed and ready for family inspection Barco Sin Vela for next Friday family outing. You know that there will be some fellow boat owners who will be looking quite critically at the trim and finish  of our bright work everywhere on the boat. Good thing we have JR. I was going to have a list of excuses ready if the teak was still looking shabby...

Speaking of outings; We have at least 33 people coming from Michigan to visit Jacksonville, and I have a sister coming into town for the weekend. There is also Roger and Janice (From Beaujolais  docked in Australia) and finally one young Soldier coming in from AFG. All will be aboard the Barco Sin Vela for a quick St Johns River run (We have at least 45 life jackets) and afterwards it will be a barbeque at the Serengetti Spa and Veldt Lounge.

First Saturday night in April, we will see all of our family and friends dressed in glad-rags (Dress is "Resort Casual"-- Read: Hawaiian Shirts) and mustered aboard the Yacht Club's "Astor Room" for a celebration party.

We have engaged one other feller as part of our supporting cast; The garden maintenance dude Jerry, who is scheduled to drive the 13 passenger van back and forth to the Holiday Inn to make sure that nobody gets a snoot-full and gets behind a wheel. (I think we covered all that in the last post.)

The Yacht Club will have ready a couple kegs, an unlimited amount of wine and champagne and loads of gourmet food to go with the venue, Which will be The Astor Room and Balcony, so we have all that going for us, which is good.

All of this activity to support one party.
But it is in lieu of the wedding we did not have back in 1991 and our way of thanking all of the loved ones who were there for us all of those years.

At least we didn't blow all of these bucks on some silly wedding, back then.  We watch those bridezilla shows and observe all of the efforts made by family and friends to ensure a perfect wedding day but no effort made in actually helping to form lifetime bonds.

Not that we know any better.

Besides, at the poor state of our finances in early 1991, it was all we could do to afford a marriage license with Papa John's pizza as our wedding night dinner!

Sausage pizza, mmm.

This time dinner will be Prime Beef Filet served by a Chef at a proper carvery station.

T-minus Eight Days and counting; This is Party Launch Control.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Cleaning out the closets and sanding/varnishing the teak ... two projects that we've got to tackle really soon! Wish we were already done with that. Sounds like you've got a lot of fun in the near future ... enjoy!

Buck said...

At least we didn't blow all of these bucks on some silly wedding, back then.

Heh. Bein' the traditionalist I AM, I let my father-in-law pay the freight for wedding #2, which lasted (officially) one month shy of 21 years.

That said... you and the Spousal Unit are doin' it up right and proper for your 20th, and that's a great good thing. The agenda sounds GREAT!

Goes without sayin': Congrats, and lots of 'em!

LL said...

There's no party like a party at sea...though with that number I suspect that it won't all be on the Barco.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

As LL says, "No party like a party at sea..."

We are having a day on the water, buzzing downtown Jax and other sights of interest. I suspect it will be a relatively tame time on the Barco. The big DO will be at the Yacht Club.

We will let the staff serve and clean up, giving us all the time to just relax and enjoy.

Thanks again!