Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It is summer, after all.

Summertime in Northern Florida, again. Comes around every year at the same time, usually during the hottest months.

Every morning I hit the Weather Underground website and look for the familiar circular cloud formations erupting off of the Cape Verde Islands and try to extrapolate which direction the coriolis effect will spin these clouds (usually curving to the right) like God's spitball going to the inside of Florida's East Coast batter.

We are in a drought, though. The fires have been pretty bad and the smoke has made our blue skies look more like L.A's smog. We need more rain.

The Fourth of July weekend will no doubt be hot and clear so any boating we do will be necessarily close to home. There will be a fireworks barge off of the Yacht Club which is paid for by the Timuquana Country Club and the Florida Yacht Club and we have our reserved berth ready for the Barco to be docked during the festive weekend.

A free berth.

This means we will move the boat a whole 200 yards to enjoy a view to the East from whence the fireworks be 'splodin', about two hundred yards away on the river.

The theme here on this blog is living well. We intend to live well for all those who cannot.

There is a pool and grill adjacent to the docks and this means American Burgers and Dogs, mixed libations and the sound of children shrieking their joy as they splash recklessly in the cool water. Their Mom's will recline in the hot sunlight wearing skimpy bikini's and hoping no one notices the third martini the Cabana Boy has brought out. Snicker.

The Barco will have traveled a couple hundred yards to this vacation getaway. But I hope you reader(s) will understand that the temperature will undoubtedly be in the high 90's with an almost equal humidity. So we will be enduring a bit. In the shade. With airconditioning in the cabin and an almost endless ice supply being created by our own ice machine.

Sacrifices will be made. For the Greater Good (TM)

As for this week, I am wrapping up an online course for Insurance and will take the finals in a day or so.  After that I will pay the State for the opportunity to take the official licensing test which will provide me the license and opportunity to open my own office. Don't get me wrong; This does not mean I actually will, there is laziness and taxes to consider. There is also the outside forces of the crappy market and depressed industry to deal with and the market may make it so I can't do anything new, today. But as a dutiful and loyal American, I must at least fake the effort to get ahead.

There will be about another couple weeks before my grand plans come to fruition. That, and I have a dollar ticket on the Powerball every Wednesday and Saturday, so I can at least have that going for me, which is nice.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Yes, we have a ticket of hope every Wednesday and Saturday too! Looks like you have a great 4th of July in store. You have a great hook-up ... enjoy!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

K&C; Thanks for coming by. I look forward to seeing your photo's and description of Nirvana's voyage for this weekend, too.

Buck said...

You have the dubious honor of receiving my first ever comment generated via Smartphone. Wear it well, My Son. ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

..."my first ever comment generated via Smartphone. Wear it well, My Son. ;-)"

Wow. A smart phone!

I still don't know how to text from my flip phone!

Buck said...

That was me before yesterday, Darryl. No longer will my children laugh at me. Well, at least about my phone and bein' text-challenged. ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Texting is for young people who don't want to engage verbally, especially while driving or at the dinner table.

Be careful, Obi-Wan.