Friday, April 20, 2012

And Friday, it shall be.

Now, that title is a shining example of a fragmented sentence, hmm? Yes.

Sorta like the world's shortest story, "For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn." Hemingway's greatest work, apparently.

Another week down as we continue along the path of healing that darn ankle. We have had to use ice packs to keep the swelling down, but there is little in the pain department, thank goodness. We must take all the good deals provided to us, and be grateful.

As for anything else? Nope, nothing. Other than watching the flowers bloom and the continuous progression of the tomato and honey dew plants. Ah ha! I did put a new bird feeder out. The squirrels had destroyed the old feeder, so I got a fancy metal feeder that rests on springs. When a squirrel hops on the feeder for a free meal, he will be confounded by the feeder sliding closed due to the squirrel's weight.

Those metal leaves will close up the holes when squirrel's weight is pressed on the perches.

The squirrels broke the loop holding the feeder and smashed it open.

Take that, you socialist parasites!

As you all know, The Spousal Unit uses the sun room as her work office. This allows her to be able to watch the humming birds and other creatures of the backyard as they do their business while she performs her duties on the computer. Ahh, many hours are also spent on teleconferences, too. Tech- Nology!  My job is to keep the snacks and beverages coming, along with serving a warm lunch around noon. Today, guests from work will be by around 1430, for an hour meeting followed by wine and cheese. Or, maybe the plan is whine and cheesing about the the new initiatives in health care, followed by a snack. Not really sure, I'm just the staff.

Some extra photos of Easter Dinner from a couple weeks back along with this morning's flowers and veggies.

Easter Dinner with Pinot Noir and Ham. 

After dinner by the Cement Pond

Phil likes a fine stogie with his after dinner beverage, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Pondering the imponderables by the pond.

Marigolds are rockin', today! That's a small pepper plant and coffee filter with the flowers.

Red Solo Cup provides the red cover for the humming bird feeder. Humming birds like red for some reason.

I have no idea what these are, but they look great.

Cement Pond

Carol planted these flowers in a palm frond next to the rosemary. Looks cool, does it not?

The honey dew are making a real go of it. In between is a new onion plant making it's debut.

Chives are getting shaggy.

These flowers will become tomatoes, shortly.

All of these plants were planted by the Spousal Unit's Mom, Carol. With the exception of the onion plant. The onion had sprouted in our kitchen and rather than throwing it away I planted it. I have never really cared about flowers in the past, but having these nice plants blooming in our backyard is so nice and colorful. Now I understand why people work so diligently in their gardens, year after year. I wish Carol could stop by more often to keep these plants alive, as I know I will cause them all to pass early in the blazing Florida sunshine. "All things must pass..." said George Harrison.

Have a fine weekend, stay healthy and safe!


Buck said...

The flowers ARE very nice and kinda-sorta make me nostalgic for Former Happy Days when I gardened, both flowers and vegetables. I was pretty danged good at it, too. That was then, this is now...

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Well Buck, you have that over me. I tend to kill plants not actually nurture them.


Buck said...


I've retired my sweater for the year.