Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Couple photos and a video

We enjoyed the weekend and pretty much recharged the batteries for the coming few days. Wednesday will have me at the Gastro-joint getting a camera inspection of the stomach and the adjoining areas for holes and leaks.

Other than Wednesday's fun we have been doing extremely well, ankles are knitting together properly and I have been acid free, which is nice.

I mentioned the Elvis Impersonator; He was pretty good, and showed us all good time. As the night progressed we got to really appreciate the singing, he had great pipes! The video coming up was taken by I-Phone and it was the first song, so Elvis was just getting warmed up. Not much of a crowd on the concrete pad, but there was a nice mob on the lawn behind us.

I think the highlight came a bit later when Elvis had a twelve person conga line snaking it's way through the pool area. This guy really had a showman's sense to get people moving and reacting.

Overall, a fun time.

If I ever get that round the world boat, I will hire this guy as crew. Could you imagine pulling into a foreign port with your own Elvis Impersonator doing karate moves on deck? The islanders would think we were Rock and Roll gods!

Cool Steve Goodman song;


Buck said...

Is that a Super Moon rising in the background?

It sounds like a fun night out. Apropos o' nuthin'... one wonders how much of a future Elvis impersonators might have. I mean the Original Elvis' fan base is dying out, right? I don't think there are that many NEW Elvis fans bein' minted, but I might could be wrong, which has been known to happen occasionally.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

It is the super moon!

I think Elvis impersonating will go on as long as somebody thinks it's funny.