Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off to see the lizard!

I received the bumper sticker (above) in the mail the other day, sent to me by the Reagan Library. They need some money from me to keep open, apparently. I bought a couple coffee cups from them a couple years ago, so I guess this means we have a relationship. I'm tempted to put it on the back of my truck just to watch the Liberals lose functionality on the road as their hate becomes focused on me.

Ohhh, I miss that guy

We sent the Yooper Ute's home this am, hopefully towing a safe boat and trailer. The original axle had fully confounded us, so yesterday I made the Command Decision to just buy another entire axle and more hubs. About $250 total, and I still had to return three times to the trailer store for additional parts.

Still better than being stuck somewhere with a half assed faulty repair job. I think the boat will provide many days of fun and we look forward to visiting and using the boat in the preferred environment, a small lake. I wish I was making the drive with them, but ya gotta let them learn how to do these tasks on their own. (Nobody ever gave me a boat...) They will do fine.

Click on this link; . I don't care if you aren't into classics, that linked video ROCKS! Ten Thousand Japanese Beethoven fans get together and sing the Ode To Joy as it should be done. My first viewing of a live performance of the Ninth was in the front row watching the London Symphony, back in December '95. I was verily impressed, but watching the video of ten thousand people staying in tune and singing in a foreign language is more than amazing. Watch the entire video, the applause for the Conductor and Lead Singers is inspiring.

Have a fine Thursday!


Buck said...

I loved the Reagan vid. It reminded me that Reagan REALLY could tell a joke, not that I'd forgotten. It also contrasted nicely with that twit currently residing at 1600 Penna Ave, who laughs at his own jokes.

"Ode to Joy" is a joy, indeed, and the vid was most impressive. You mentioned the LSO and that triggered a few synapses for me. TSMP and I spent more than few nights down in The City at their performances, the BEST of which was an all-Strauss New Year's Eve concert. Drinking champagne at the interval and rubbing elbows with the hoity-toity beat the hell out of playing in the fountains in Trafalgar Square. ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

The LSO was a great couple evenings out for us, too. Glad to dredge up a good memory!