Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Another Wednesday. Comes after Tuesday, every week, Boss.

Had a great visit to the Wine Club last night, we tested out six Spanish wines, none were bad. We had so much fun that we went down to dinner with two other couples and opened three bottles with dinner, just to show what partying bad-dasses we were! I like that a Spanish wine is usually priced at a level any wino can appreciate, say fourteen bucks with dinner. Muga/Muga/Muga!

Interesting folks dined with us, as I was saying. One feller, by the name of Butch has a 62 foot trawler that he is trying to sell. I kept trying to induce him to let me motor the boat to Australia, where he will probably get a good price. New adventures are needed!

Anyway, Butch was a helicopter pilot in the Southeast Asian area back in the day (1970/71) and had some very interesting stories of his impromptu visit with new friends from the North of Vietnam, who happened also to be visiting mutual friends in a place called Laos... Click on that link! All I can say is that I am unworthy...

The other couple are about the same age, except they worked at UPS for many years and made a good life for themselves without having made any overseas pre-paid trips on behalf of our country. Interesting to see the military/non military perspectives from 1970. Both couples did well for themselves in retirement yet had such divergent lifestyles previously. The non military Gent (Who is a great American, too!) has privately told me that he regrets not having served because of missing out on adventures and that's how things were back then. I believe him.

Some get to serve and some wish they did, it's the American privilege. Just working, paying taxes, being a good citizen is really all that society can expect from each of us.

After many great conversations and fun attempts at humor, we finally broke up to go home at nine-thirty after dinner was finished.

What did I do with the rest of the day?

Previous to all the evening activities, I spent the afternoon updating our computer and its operating system. I have owned this particular machine for the past three years and it still has relatively modern processor speed. The Mac's at the NEX are running at 2.7 Ghz and our machine is a 2.8 Ghz. So why buy a new machine when I can just upgrade the software?

I did not know I could do that. I thought that a computer that is three years old is hopelessly obsolete, but not so on Mac. Another thing; I thought the Mac upgrades would be like PC, where the cost of the software would be in the hundreds of bucks.

"Nope", sayeth the Apple Person at the NEX. "Get Snow Leopard, load it, update it and then download Lion from the Web. "Get this 2 Terabyte hard drive to go with your system and you will be good to go."

Wow! I was set to spend three grand on a new computer and all I had to do was spend $60 on software and $289 for the HUGE hard drive. Too cool!

That was my afternoon...

Thanks to Butch and all his associates (and their parents), I get to live in a great country where my troubles are software/hardware related. For that matter, even those Americans who served in the corporate world helped make our homeland a better place for all and where even foreign illegals get a pretty good break towards a decent life.

I am like a fat tick hanging on a lazy dog, oh yes, life be good!

Have a great rest of the week, we hope to be on the water soon.


Ken n Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great time! I love a good wine tasting!

Been reading your posts and glad to hear that your "better half" is starting to get around. =)

Buck said...

That was a helluva story at the link; I'm thinking the dinnertime conversation was equally stimulating. Being down to four rounds of ammo when they were rescued after three days "in contact" scared me just reading it. Amazing.

Nice upgrade!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

K&C; Thanks for the well wishes. She that will be obeyed is down to one more physical therapy and one more Doctor visit. We are thrilled!

Buck; Indeed. We did talk about about his trip to "Marlboro Country". I hope you clicked on the Mayday radio thing. That is Butch's voice calmly asking for extraction...