Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aarrrgggh! It be "Talk like a pirate day, Me Mateys"

I find it humorous that this phenomenon has been with us for the past ten years, who would have known? 

Pirate Ships name generator came up with these vile names for your pirate ship;
Murderer's Bloody Saber
Night's Trident
Ocean's Barnacle
Pirate's Coral Sword
Pirate's Damned Plague
The Damned Demon
The Damned Privateer
The Foul Eel                  
The Mad Corsair
The Wandering Shark
The Angry Hangman of the West
The Angry Killer of Hades
The Cursed Anger
The Dark Doom
The Dark Fear
The Death of the West
The Disgraceful Killer
The Dishonorable Raider of the Ocean
The Fear of the Hangman
The Greedy Barnacle of the South
The Lust of Hades
The Poison Cutlass of Tortuga
The Poison Dagger
The Pride of Tortuga
The Vile Executioner of the Ocean

One thing I do have to say about the Pirate thing; I don't think pirates are cool. Pirates are not  romantic, misunderstood, likable guys looking for fun on the high seas. No, they are sea gangsters who rob, kidnap and kill. Nothing more and nothing less. So you won't see a Jolly Roger flag on any of my boats because I know what that flag really represented (Country-less Brigands) and it does not represent my values.

But I do like to make an occasional "Arrgh" to make fun of what people consider to be a pirates accent, which sounds like drunken Welsh to me.

So talk like a pirate today, enjoy the movie image as if it were real. Then, let us all go after the real pirates off of Africa, give them a proper hanging and send them where they belong; In the Deep. 


Old video from a couple years ago, Pirate Tour Boats in St Augustine;
The funny part comes up in the middle of the three minute video, the Crew responds to the Scurvy Dog of a Captain with a hearty Pirate Growl!

Another thing about the Pirate tour boats in the video; They are handled exceedingly well, considering the windage and tight quarters for pulling those boats into their berths. I would be a shaky mess after pulling out in between the dock and the restaurant.

Off to my duties!

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Buck said...

I agree with your thoughts on pirates. So, I ain't gonna talk like one today.