Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hello again, Sports Fans!

The Captain of Blowhard has been hard at work today, writing up the sailing resume. Day by day, not counting charters or short trips on friends boats I come up with 1261 days of boating since 1991. There are more, but I'm not counting my at sea time with the Navy and also, I'm not counting any time that I can't prove or find the owners of boats going back to 1990 and before. The Coast Guard requirement for One Hundred Ton Master is 720 days of sea time logged. I will have to document the size and tonnage of the vessels I sailed, too. Busy next couple of days, for sure. I'm hoping the Authorities don't kick back too much of my time. The Navy time is in excess of four years onboard and underway at sea but I'm sure there are reasons why they don't allow me all of that time.

I found three respectable citizens to write letters of recommendation for me. I won't be able to see those letters, so I hope I don't get too much of a verbal flogging.  I will keep LL  in mind from out in the Occupied California Republic.

Pizza at Moon River is the plan for tonight, we will be with a local Boat Broker. Maybe I can get a line on some future deliveries!

See you all, later.


Buck said...

That's a LOT of hours (he said, displaying his immediate grasp of the obvious)!

JihadGene said...

Lot'a hours, LOOONG time!!!