Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Still focused on completing the mission.

Saturday, it will be the First Aid/CPR class. $60 bucks. I need to find three upstanding citizens to write non-condemnatory letters about my boating ability and temperance.

Then a gathering of boat ownership documents and a thorough accounting for 22 years of on the water experience, day by day and waters sailed. The documents for the first two sailboats will be difficult to acquire since we sold those boats in August of 1995 and there have been five household moves since that month and year. Funny enough; There are a couple boxes in the back closet from 1995 which have not really been opened up to now. Let's hope that I have some files buried which contain registration papers.

I did try the Department of Motor Vehicles last week in the hopes that they kept a computerized listing of boat transactions. They had nothing about my boats from the 90's and they weren't much help otherwise, except for a Tallahassee phone number. We'll see...

The costs are adding up for all this licensing fun, everyone has their hand out whether Governmental entities or just private businesses. No wonder the population of Professional Boat Captains seem to be dwindling since nobody can afford the costs or the hassle. I'm in this for the long haul! After I get my paperwork organized, it will be a final $140 for the Coast Guard and another $250 to the Agent up in Framingham, Taxachussetts who will hand carry my package to the Coast Guard Licensing Bubba's and ensure they see my gear, first.

See you all, later.


LL said...

Happy to write a letter. E-mail me with the address and specifics.

Buck said...

...write non-condemnatory letters about my boating ability and temperance.

The latter MIGHT could be a problem. ;-)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; Thanks! I'm wondering if your comment is a veiled threat... (I keed!)

Buck; I know you are always in my corner. Thanks. (I think...)