Friday, April 19, 2013


I was up at 0345, because the kitties pushed me out of bed as is their routine. Tried to get back to sleep but was only marginally successful and the reveille alarm seemingly went off a few moments later. We dressed and went outside for the morning walk and found rain.

We don't hike in rain, that's for other people to do.

Any way, back inside for the morning routines. While enjoying my first breakfast beer I saw the headlines report that some suspects of the late Boston Atrocity were tracked down and one was unfortunately killed. I always love good news! I hope the fibbies waterboard the snot outta the other perp to find out where the rest of the hive is hiding out because those two maggots were not working alone.

Nice way to begin the weekend, wouldn't you say?

Despite the good feelings for the day, our Florida Weather is not looking too nice for later and for Saturday so I think we will be performing other tasks at home rather than have any fun on the Barco. Tonight we will be at the club for whatever and as a result stay onboard because we can, and maybe catch up with some of our friends.

Some Jerry Jeff to get us up and goin':

Have a great weekend, Buckeroos!


LL said...

You are confessing to being a fair weather sailor here. wow. (haha)

Barco Sin Vela II said...

It's Twoo!

Underway I will endure, just not cruising the neighborhood.

Buck said...

All Boston, all the time today. It looks like those two were working alone but as they say: stay tuned for more (mis)information.