Friday, May 17, 2013

Love the Friday!

There has been a lot of motion in these parts over the past week. Mom J. Cat had her car repaired, I did a little cleaning of the Barco and read a couple books all the while performing my normal duties at the house. So it has been a week of doing.

The pay off is a wine dinner tonight, five courses with decent wines for pairing, I am looking forward to this endeavor.

T-Minus seven days for the next underway period--I should be leaving the dock around 0900 and arrive at St Augustine City Marina sometime in the late afternoon. Our buddy Phil will be left behind to watch all night movies and perform cat petting tasks. Usually, the cats get a bowl of food set out but instead of leaving a bowl of food out for Phil, we will leave a keg. That's how we roll around here!

I tried to enroll in a Carpentry Course at the local Junior College. I got a response form one of the counselors telling me the courses are being dropped... Darn it! No hackey sack for me in the Quad after classes.

Some other stuff has come up and I will pass on any bits and pieces as necessary. Could be a very exciting summer and I look forward to reporting once I get all confirmations and go ahead authority.

No, there are no sailing trips as of this moment. But after Wine Tasting on Tuesday I did meet (and dine) with a California Gent who has just purchased a 62 foot trawler that needs to be delivered to the Left Coast. There may be a long journey in the future, but it would be early next year.

Sister Vessel to 'Skorcey', the subject of the possible move next year.

I have a few other irons in the fire concerning the next couple months before we take the big trip to the Southern Hemisphere, coming up this August. You, the reader, will be the third to know!

Appropriate Music Video;

Gettin' By, indeed.

Please to haz a good weekend!


LL said...

Skorcey looks AWESOME.

Not quite as cool as a refit Admiral's barge, but very impressive.

Buck said...

Wow... they (Walker, Nelson, Kristofferson) all look so danged YOUNG.

Yet another Fun Weekend In Paradise, eh? Sometimes I think yer livin' TOO well, Darryl. ;-)