Friday, May 24, 2013

Underway in two hours.

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, putting everything right on the Barco. I got the side panels back on after 1730 yesterday, wrapping the whole thing up. Only one more bag and a cooler full of yacht club ice remain to place aboard then I start the Perkins 200's to begin the journey to St Augustine.  There is a tall ship down there and we can look forward to tourists and funny goings-on around the docks.

This trip will be solo. I invited a number of people to go but no one has the time on a Friday to do some boating. Conversation will likely be as one way as normal but there will be no one to fetch sandwiches or drinks while grunting monosyllabic replies to my eloquent utterances.  SWWBO will meet Barco in St. Augustine after work.

I saw this t-shirt on the internet and purchased two. I will advertise and plug for any wrestling federation (Like the WWF!) that is cuter and obviously more adept at prying the money from the rubes than the U.S. based World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Yep. Some foreign outfit has figured out how to get them Chinese Wrestling Yuan by getting Pandas to TV-wrestle using illegal moves and foreign objects in their trunks... I'm IN!

Could you imagine the economic growth/income that could be realized if you could get just ten percent of the Chinese population to watch and buy wrestling memorabilia from the WWF?

What would Gorilla Monsoon do? Buy Pandas...

It's going to be a good time on the water this weekend and while I am safely cruising about I will carry in my mind a gratitude for the sacrifices our troops and fellow citizens have made over the last 237 years that have enabled me to enjoy this good life.

Keep vigilant and watch out for the crooks in our government--don't let them make a mockery of our Americanism.

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Buck said...

LOVE the shirt.

Be safe out there.