Monday, May 13, 2013

Start a new week, stat!

Busy weekend, as usual. I was turning and burning with the wood refinishing project all week and finally wrapped it up. I am completely sick of varnish and sand paper. The next project is using rubbing compound on the hull and topsides of the Barco to be followed by Collinite Wax. No looking forward to that little project at all but it needs to happen before we cruise to St Augustine.

But first, this morning I have to take Mom's car to the shop for repairs/adjustments. I shall be on pins and needles this afternoon waiting for word on what needs to be done to make the Chrysler right.

Here is a report on the weekend's activities after I slopped on the last of nine coats of varnish, Saturday:

Really looking better now with all that varnish drying!

So after I was reaching the end of the obvious railings, I remembered to do the steps on the ladder, which had been unfinished for the past few years and desperately needed attention-- at the last minute.

The steps were sanded smooth and varnished with six coats.

Sunday was too nice a day to waste. So we took a road trip in the family wagon to Ponce de Leon Inlet (south of Daytona) cruising down the famous state road, A1A.

Only the coolest road in America! 
Yes, I know and love Highway 1 in California. But there are more beachside stops and sights to see along Florida's Atlantic coastal avenue. And we don't get the earthquakes and landslides into the ocean... (Honorable Mention for another Florida Coastal Road, Highway 98 which follows the Gulf)

I first got wind of this mysterious road from a Jimmy Buffett Album which bore a similar name...

I saw this album cover in the mid eighties and decided on which state I wanted to live; Buzzed on beer by a palm shaded beach.


We did not intend to go as far as Ponce Inlet, it just happened that way. Five bucks admission gets you in to the small park.
Btw: I did climb the stairs to the top! (Whew...!)

Please to click to biggify;

I saw this sign, half way up the spiral ladder...

The view from the top of the actual Ponce Inlet. There is a Farraday Cage to protect the Rubes from lightning and from jumping off...
The roadside tiki shacks were all packed up with no parking, so we had to wait until we arrived at St Augustine Beach before stopping for a couple hot dogs and something cool to drink.
There was a massive infestation of those ill-named Lovebugs, so I had to wash the car before putting it away.

Still gets looks when we cruise the roads!

Tucked away next to our other Deutsche 'Wagen
There is some work to be done so I will be at the boat, shortly.

See you soon!


Buck said...

Lookin' good, all the way 'round.

A1A is a nice road, I'll give ya that. I've cruised all the way down to Key West in a big-ass rented Mercury Marquis but would have MUCH preferred to be in sumthin' like yer ride. Or on a mo'sickle.

LL said...

Barco looks ship shape and Bristol fashion. And the rides look as if they're all set as well.

Anonymous said...

AAHHHH...You poor folk....You need to win the POWER BALL so you wouldn't have to do your own varnishing....You NEED RAUL!