Thursday, August 15, 2013

Counting down and packing

One day to go...

We have all the gear set on the billiards table and just need to zip up the bags and walk out the door. Always nice to have properly planned and set up, takes away any pre-travel anxiety and lets us just relax before the actual moving bit.

But the trip will be about thirty hours, so there will be plenty of time for reflection and boredom. SO we have an i-Pad, two iPods (with days of music), a cribbage board and many sacks of bad snacks to keep us entertained.

Air New Zealand has free drinks for our class of of travel, too. (!)

But we have an endurance pre-test in going from JAX to LAX. A three hour layover in f*&^% Texas.

I like Texas. But I don't care for airports anywhere so hence the frustration. Of course, we have a nine hour flailex to enjoy in El-Lay. So we have that going for us, which is not nice.

On the return, we will have an eighteen hour layover at LAX but we have planned properly and have a suite reserved at the local Hilton. So there. At least we can get some quality sleep and water locker time to refresh ourselves for the big jump across flyover country to... Texas. For another three hour layover.

Could be worse. We might have had to take trains, like they do in the former British Commonwealth.

Speaking of trains, we will change at Sydney to a train for Hunter Valley, Sunday afternoon. Planes, Trains and automobiles.

That's us!

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Buck said...

Be safe and have a great time.

I hate airports, too. But I hate the frickin' TSA more.