Saturday, October 5, 2013

Barco's twelve volt system is hard down.


Stopped by the boat yesterday afternoon, started the A/C and was putting things away when I noticed the lights wouldn't come on. The DC panel showed no voltage on either house battery which was certainly frustrating.

Well, another ruined evening. Not sure what is malfunctioning but the battery charger is now suspect. I will bring a manual charger out today and do some trouble shooting. The weather is sure nice and some boating would be preferable to the idea of bilge diving/testing. Now I can look forward to spending quality time at the dock doing the chores necessary to make this all better. Or spend some ducats, who knows?

Oh well.

Glad to be healthy and have only minor issues to deal with on a beautiful weekend!

Stay good out there!

Barco out.


Buck said...

"It's always SUMTHIN'."

LL said...

The dockyard people are always happy to see you show up and the jobber always has a very worried look on his face as he writes you up.