Friday, October 4, 2013

Boat update

The Barco is in the water with a fresh bottom, and neato prop-speed treated shafts and wheels. We be cruizin' with max efficiency, gliding through the di-hydrogen monoxide solution in as well a condition as the designers imagined/planned. BTW It cost two and a half B.O.A.T. units.  psheww! (Imagine a rifle shot sound)

Faux Whining Alert: Seems every time I have work done on The Precious it will cost a couple large. It's the price I pay for helping to keep the local boatyard(s) fluid with full employment which is another way of keeping the economy moving.  Plus I enjoy this hobby, which is nice.

We have been watching the storm situation in the Gulf, looks like a bit of rain is headed towards Nawlins and Pensacola. I guess we might see  moisture in the sky in the form of light rain around here, but I think the real sweat is on the foreheads of the weather guessers who predicted a wilder hurricane season. I'll take the good deals, thanks. We have enough low pressure suction coming from the District of Columbia, we don't need any destructive weather to draw attention away from the frivolity up North. Please to be keeping our coastal regions safe and dry, 'kay?

If I can get some sunshine this weekend, a boat ride may have to happen. Bikini clad ladies may move to the head of the line, iffin' anyone might want to cruise. Perhaps this afternoon, post six mile treadmill torture?

Go play outside, everyone. Enjoy the new season... See you all later!

Waterspout video. 'Murica!!!


Buck said...

Those guys in the boat vid are nuts. A waterspout by any other name would be TORNADO. And no life jackets on, either.

LL said...

That video is nothing short of cool.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck; Good point about the PFD's. I would have had mine on along with insisting the crew had theirs on, too.

LL; Indeed. I would have given style points to the skipper if he had asked someone to hold his beer. Great video!