Friday, October 25, 2013

"The Underway Checklist is available on the Quarterdeck…"

The title was one of the shipboard announcements that would be repeated regularly over the shipboard announcing system (1MC) about eight hours prior to the ship departing the docks.

In honor of the Barco getting underway, I have loaded food aboard, perhaps 70 meals of dehydrated camping stuff, mostly the kind for sale in Utah and Idaho. The nice people in Utah who are devotees of the local faith are required to keep (two years?) a supply of food stored away for when the End Times are upon us. I can report we have about six months at the house, depending on whether we eat a meal in the size they recommend (whomever they are) but I think the two meal size is what most 'Muricans call a single. Like the two servings in a single can of soda? Right.  So I guess we have three months at the crew home and hearth.

I have a few of these containers by Mountain House. There are also MRE's (Meal Rejected for Eating) and other long life foods.

Sooo, back to the story! I placed a serious number of the long life pouches  on the Barco in case we ever needed some good side dishes when the odd guest(s) stop by. The benefit is that we can also bug out on a moments notice, which is a nice sort of plan.

As for today, I have the Barco rigged for departure in the next five hours, needing only some barley pops and aged grape juice to round out the provisioning.

I went looking for a typical Navy 1MC announcement pertaining to the title, but I found this hilarious shipboard video instead. NSFW for language, but it is a couple guys on a ship, expect F bombs.

Off to Six Mile Creek and a lunch with the First Coast Cruisers from the Marine Trawlers Owners Association, planned underway time is 1500. Be there or be square!

By the way; Have a great weekend!

That is all, Barco out.


Buck said...

There are also MRE's (Meal Rejected for Eating) and other long life foods.

I thought that was "Meals Rejected by Ethiopians." Or so I heard.

Drive safe. Or whatevah you nautical types say in this situation. ;-)

Buck said...
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LL said...

You may also want to ship the means to repel boarders.