Friday, December 6, 2013

End of the week, again!

Preparations for getting underway will be performed today and we are going back to the dreaded Six Mile Creek by tomorrow afternoon. (Load up with beer, wine, snacks and anything else…)

Not really dreaded. This is an opportunity to visit the Crab Shack on Pearl Harbor day while enjoying all the natural beauty of the St Johns River while boating is an excuse in itself! Besides, the temperatures are in the low eighties(!) by early afternoon, so why not get underway and live the Florida lifestyle properly?

Living well is still the best revenge. Your unHumble writer thinks most Pearl Harbor veterans might perhaps agree, for the most part. I wish we knew of any living close by and would love to invite them for the trip up river. For that matter, I would be happy to take any of you readers on the planned journey, too.

The breaks of Naval Air...

"Ah, that's the 'Breaks of Naval Air'",  as most would observe to me back in the day.  The 'Breaks of Naval Air' comment would usually be intoned to me in a pseudo-apologetic manner when I was being directed to do something unpleasant, like wiping loose grease from a wet landing gear well during a wash job. Or taking fuel samples from underneath a Sea King helicopter while onboard a rolly-poly Oiler in the very North Pacific.

"Make sure there is no grease left… No water in the fuel sample!"


Nothing else to report, otherwise. We are enjoying fabulous weather while the northern part of our nation languishes in a winter-wonderland. This is why I will not live north of I-10.

Have a great weekend. Anyone who stops by the Crab Shack on Six Mile Creek will be encouraged to enjoy some cheap wine and beer onboard Barco Sin Vela II!

A nice memory of boating on the St Johns River.

Buzzards Cove, Palatka FL.

This is a scene of what may happen at the house while we are out:

Mao and Jellicle Cat napping during winter in Fort Lauderdale

P.S. Sailing Vessel, "My Mojo", mentioned the other day… Safely anchored at Lake Worth after two days underway, West Palm Beach. (Having fun, no doubt!)

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Buck said...

I wouldn't mind bein' south of I-10 right at this very moment.

Enjoy yer weekend!