Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Welcome Aboard to Diego Pat!

Pat and I were friends back in the bad old days of HSL-84, North Island. Pat is a squared away family guy, retired as a Navy Nurse and is making a name for himself in Southern California. And he still looks as good as when he was a model for International Male catalogs. He always knew the secret to life, and the happiness therein.

If I played a guitar, I would sing this:

"Ahh, the stories we could tell. I wish that we could sit on a bed in some Motel, and listen to the stories we could tell."

No, there are no "bad" stories, only good ole family type of stuff.


But the 80's were a crazy time and he knew what to do. He got married to the right girl while I ran off to have fun in foreign places.

We are going to have a great laugh in October!


LL said...

Old friends are usually the best friends.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL; Indeed. It's a good thing to have one or two friends from our youth. They keep us honest in when we tell the old stories.

Buck said...

They keep us honest in when we tell the old stories.

Yup... I have two or three such friends of 30/40 years standing, they read EIP, and they have better memories than I do. And they'll call me out if I get something wrong... either in comments or via e-mail. So I hear ya about that honesty thang!