Sunday, September 6, 2009

I got on a jag watching Zappa videos

And came upon this great video of a Frank Zappa spin-off band, "Missing Persons". Former Zappa Drummer Terry Bozio and his lovely bride Dale Bozio created Missing Persons with Zappa guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (My spelling may be off). These musicians were highly talented professionals and the music is as good now as it was 26 years ago. US Concert 1983;

It must have been a hundred degrees out there, but the band stays tight.

This next one shows a great band in the middle of summer, performing in leather jackets and having technical problems. US Concert 1982;
Note: During the Song "Shock Treatment", you can hear Joey Ramone reacting to getting shocked by the microphone and it blows the song. I like how the band plows on.

I tried to get to the 1982 US Concert, as I was stationed in San Diego. I went to LA and nobody could get me directions to the Concert site. So I hung out with my old friend Geno in LA that weekend.

As for the 1983 US Festival, I was traveling with the Navy, somewhere. I don't go to concerts anymore. Too crowded and I hate not being able to get away fast when the concert is over. I prefer these videos.


Buck said...

I was thinking while watching these vids that '80s music mostly gets a bad rap (no pun...). There were some seriously GOOD, if not GREAT, bands in the '80s.

And while you were out in LaLaLand in the early '80s I was in London doing the pubs and music clubs, immersing myself in the emerging punk music scene. I never bought into the Punk "culture" (if'n ya can call it that), but I sure as Hell LOVED the music! :D

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Yep, Buck. I never bought into it, either. The problem is that I am always a couple years behind any music because I am digesting whatever music I am liking at the moment. In '82 and '83 I was still on Glen Miller, Johnny Horton, Iron Butterfly, Willy, Hank Jr, Who, Yes, Nugent, Rush, Hagar, Buffett and Tchaikovsky.

There is so much chaff out there posing as serious music and it takes awhile to find those great nuggets. It's great fun to look back and find the goodies.