Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Fun

Saturday saw the Barco crew reviewing our victuals list and doing a replenishment of potent potables. We mustered over to the Wine Warehouse in Murray Hill and traded three hundred multi-colored beer trading units for a couple cases of bubbly French wines and other such bottled spirits.

After a rushed lunch of leftover steak which was pressed between bread slices and coated liberally with horseradish, we decided that Hyacinth probably wanted to visit her boat. We gathered cat and went to the Barco Sin Vela, tossed ashore the mooring lines and sped away (At an ear blistering eight knots) towards Doctors Lake. We stopped at the Naval Air Station to pick up "Phil".

There is no photo evidence, since we forgot the camera.

After doing the grand tour of Doctor's Lake, we repaired to the Yacht Club for dinner and drinks, as we were parched.

Last week, I brought in the Spousal Unit's car for service; Oil Change, rotate tires, check why there is a pesky air leak in the left front. The Goodyear Shop on San Juan Avenue said that the left front tire had a metal object in the sidewall and could not be repaired.

"I suppose you want to sell me a replacement for the Michelin Hydroedge tire, hmm?"

"Well, actually, we don't have a replacement on hand. You would need to buy the Goodyear blah-blah..."

I lost him at what I heard was "Blah".

So I picked up the car and brought it home. I also ordered the matching tire from the Sam's online site, which is where I had purchased the set a couple years ago. $147.00, and I can come in and pick up my tire on Sunday.

Sunday arrives, and I drive to the local Sam's, fully expecting said establishment to be chock-a-block with customers and no staff to mount my tire. I drove the truck over and presented myself to "Donna", the fine lady what sat at the front of the tire section.

"Donna" found my order and brought my tire up for my inspection. She asked me to bring the car around to have it mounted.

"I brought the truck, so I will pay you and just take the tire home... Thanks," I casually mentioned.

"Sir, you have to have us mount the tire in order for your warranty to be effective." Donna was firm and adamant!

"Well, I figured this would be a bad day to have your busy technicians mount the tire. Besides, that tire is replacing another tire that has sidewall damage. So I don't know how your "warranty" works, but I am having to replace another tire that should have been covered."

"Why didn't you say so, " said Donna, "I can save you this $147.00, because we prorate your tire".

Did I mention that I was beginning to enjoy my Sam's Club visit? Oh yes I was!

I called home and asked The Boss to bring her automobile for a tire replacement. She brought the car down in fifteen minutes and the technicians were spinning around our tires doing a rotate, balance and inspection.

There was no metal damage on the tire, just a bad valve stem. "Donna" and her good crew at Sam's club did all that work at no charge, on tires I had purchased over three years ago. As I was leaving, Donna asked me to keep an eye on the tires and if there was any problem to get hold of her.

In honor of that little bit of kindness, I spent three hundred bucks on other Sam's club stuff.

I am not happy with Goodyear at 4593 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville Florida 32210. Not. At. All.

So my weekend turned out quite nice, and I hope yours did, too.


JihadGene said...

Glad to hear of things gone right and good for you for spending some extra cash there!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Gene; Better to be lucky than good. I be hopin' that your "Thug Fashion Wear" palace be hoppinin'!

Buck said...

I am not happy with Goodyear at 4593 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville Florida 32210. Not. At. All.

Heh. Revenge of the finest sort, this is. And Good On Donna and her co-workers!