Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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It's tough to not be caught up in some of the political turmoil, but some things are just funny. Even though President Carter might have been a little off target on some of his decisions in the seventies, I never doubted that he cared about America.

Not too sure about some of the folks currently collecting Gubmint Pay in the District of Columbia. It would be nice if our Employees would get to work at putting America back to work instead of figuring new ways to bankrupt taxpayers.

I spent lunch sanding and varnishing that teak on the Barco Sin Vela. We will be ready for a Friday deployment up river to the Crab Shack. Just three more coats on the trim should do it and then I can focus on railings. Who knows, if we shut down all the insurance companies I will have all the time in the world to make the boat look nice. Maybe no money for my home or cars, but plenty of free time as we all enjoy the commonality of poverty, just like the old days.

Whatever. We will enjoy today as well as we should. If all of us voter type folks get together and actually use the ballot box in November, we might get some of the Congress critters to look for new opportunities, elsewhere.


LL said...

barack hussein obama clearly showed America that Jimmy Carter was not the worst president in recent history. Carter was not an unabashed socialist.

But there is the boat, the ocean, good times and good friends (a better focus for the sake of sanity than American politics).

Barco Sin Vela II said...

LL be sayin';"...Carter was not an unabashed socialist."

No, just a Southern version of those wonderful Mayflower descendents that have ruined the Northeast for so long, like Boston Brahmins...

Concur on the fun to be had living it up in the warm spring and summer. November will be wonderfully exciting.

Buck said...

Granted that Carter never foisted as big a boondoggle on us as Obamacare. But he was no slouch as far as expanding the federal gub'mint goes. We have the departments of Energy and Education thanks to him... and we need neither. You can't kill 'em though... bureaucracies are worse than zombies in that they live for-frickin'-EVER.