Thursday, July 29, 2010

Auckland Calling...

Just arrived in Auckland, and I look like a fargin idiot!

1. It's winter here, about 5 degrees Celsius, and I am wearing a floral island shirt. Everyone else is bundled for the cold.

2. My next leg starts in three hours.

Did you know the average age in the airport is 25? I think it;s because the older folks have jobs and the ute's are all backpackers, living off of gubmint grants and Mummy and Dah'.

Sent a beacon message upon arrival, so a map should be ariving on some of our private enmail accounts.

Today is Friday, but I will be returning to Thursday, in five hours. Mebbe I could check the papers for the winning Rarotongan lotto numbers for Thursday, go back and buy them and be a certain winner.

Sleep hasn't been happening on the airplanes, all three were at capacity. This morning's flight had the pleasure of a planeload of surly NZ teens, returning from their L.A. park vacations. Youth is indeed wasted on the young!

We take off around 1030 and land 3.5 hours later... Too bad I don't feel excited. Just tired.

The weekend will mean I can finally get into this whole Margaritaville idea.

Thanks, LL, Buck and Middle Age Cruising, for the nice comments. Pictures shall be following along with the normal venomous commentary. (You all should see the typing mistakes that are dripping all over the page... Need sleep!)

Off to see the Lizard!

DC in Downunder


Buck said...

So far... so good! I'm glad you got off the middle seat thingie. I have a couple o' those long-distance, middle seat tee shirts and I know EXACTLY how miserable that is.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Good to hear from you, and hope you're able to get into the "Margaritaville" feeling this weekend.

LL said...

The only way I can sleep on an airplane is a combination of booze and pills, sitting in a chair where nobody is going to crawl over me to get out and wizzle.

That flight is a killer. It really is. Between the climate change, the food change and the time spent in cramped hell in a can (in the aircraft), take some time to kick it when you land at last.

And put a shrimp on the barbie for all of the slugs who aren't down under with you.