Friday, July 23, 2010


Got my shots, yesterday. My arms are not happy especially my left which is feeling puffy and sensitive to movement. Those Typhoid/Diptheria/Whooping Cough went in easy enough, but now feel like someone placed a dose of tabasco into the muscle. But the most uncomfortable was the Yellow Fever shot into the right arm. (It really WAS tabasco!) I felt it travel out of the needle and into what passes for muscle. There was no real whining, I didn't want to cause the nice HM3 to be startled, or anything.

Next time, I will ask them to leave the Lime Juice out of the cocktail.

This meant sleeping was a little restless from anytime I rolled to the left.

Malaria meds were not prescribed. This because I didn't give people about a six week heads up for my travel. So I remarked that if I get malaria, I wll be sure to bring it back to Jacksonville. This way I can reintroduce malaria to the Jacksonville mosquitos because I couldn't get anti-malarial medicines when my travel plans did not agree with the health authorities.

I will just head to the islands and buy the anti-malarial stuff on the economy. If I can remember; I will stop by the Army-Navy store to see if they have any mosquito netting and head covers.

Back in '82, I went through the Land Survival course at Eglin AFB as part of Aircrew Candidate school. There were mosquitos for everyone, so I brought a mosquito net that fit over my boony hat and loosely tied at my collar. Since I wore my flight suit sleeves secured at the wrist and the net thing, not one mozzy was able to get me, plus there was a liberal dousing of bug repellent, so I had that going for me.

I don't care to be bitten by mozzies, but I really detest them trying to fly in my ears. Why, it keeps me awake at night. Can't have that, can we? Did I hear the word Deet?

Last weekend home, so we will be jumping through hoops to complete the ever extending takeoff checklist.

Monday is the last day at the J-O-B. This is all coming together very quickly, before I know it I will be in the equatorial sunshine wearing a deet cologne and wondering just how I got there.


Buck said...

This post reminded me of just how much I HATE shots. But I get 'em, coz I hate disease MORE.

re: mosquitoes. They are a rare thing here on The High Plains of New Mexico. I haven't had a single m-bite all year; I can't remember the last time I had one, actually. I KNOW they have 'em in South Carolina but I didn't get bitten there, either. I think it's all the alcohol in my bloodstream... kinda works like DEET, yanno?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Well Buck, you live in a great place. If there were more jobs and access to big waters... well, I might be enticed. I think New Mexico is a great idea. Plus, if a person has any kind of breathing issues, the dry air is very accommodating. As a person who has close family with those issues, I am interested because I could be next.

After reading all of the Tony Hillerman books, I would love to live near Shiprock and all of the fine Navaho people.

As for bugs; They are everywhere. Some more than others.