Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving forward

Busy weekend; bought new camera, clothing and other supplies for the big trip. Have all air arrangements made for both ends of the trip.

Wish the bargain prices weren't so hard on the seating selection process. I will ask for better seats when I get to the boarding process.

Anyway, I will endure about 26 hours of travel each way, including layovers. The sailing will more than make up for the discomfort.

A personal location beacon was previously purchased, it is a 406 Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon by ACR. There is a boat EPIRB already, but I wanted one for my sailing harness.

I's hates to says I is sorry... So I better take care of me.

There is a annual subscription fee for this beacon, so when I press the "test" button, a signal will be generated and sent to the Search and Rescue satellite which will prompt ACR to send an email to five addresses which will give a canned message with a Latitude/Longitude position on the world map.

Test of this feature was successfully made this morning. A map of my location was zoomed in to my neighborhood. It will be a good way for both Spouses to know where we are when I do the daily noon fix of Beaujolais' location.

There is a Laser Flare to back up the traditional smokes/signal flares, but this sends out a 20 mile range laser line which can be seen via infrared. I tested it out; At two feet, the wall shows a bright 2 inch line of light. At twenty miles the Laser will show a 1500 foot line of light which will not dazzle the eyes of the pilots. And the Laser flare works for 72 hours per two AA battery load. You might want to read this appraisal.

Money well spent.

So, lots of shorts, skivvies, t-shirts will be carried, not to mention floatation harness, tether and foul wx gear. There are some spares I will mule back along with snickerdoodle cookies and some other handy foods.

Like Yoder's canned bacon.

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Buck said...

Ain't technology grand? I'm most impressed with the survival tools. Srsly.