Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Remembering better days

As a seven year old in 1969 who thought only great things were ahead, I was riveted to our Panasonic 16 inch black and white tv, watching CBS' (Channel Five in the SF Bay Area) live feed from the historic NASA Moon Landing of Apollo 11. It was a warm summer day and we had a full moon, so I could almost imagine seeing a bit of red white and blue on the surface.

I feel as if life has been on a down hill spiral after they cancelled the Apollo Program.

Here is a British paper, The Guardian's take.

NASA has always been an important balance to the other Federal spending on Health, Education and Welfare, Defense and all that. Because NASA is/was about hope for the future, to make better things for today and explore what we are and where we came from; The Stars.

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Buck said...

I watched the first moon landing in an after-hours bar in Wakkanai, Japan. I have good memories of that experience on several different levels, actually. It was a great time to be an American.