Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Limited Availability Period

Hello all;

The holiday weekend was filled with activity, we pulled the Barco Sin Vela around front of the Yacht Club and spent three nights of partying with our boating friends. The Fourth of July fireworks were exciting, as the barge which launched them all was about 150 yards off of our stern.

We have never been so close to exploding ordnance that ash was left on our boat after the festivities!

Today, I have asked a boat maintenance person to give me a quote for a full compounding, washing and polish/wax of the topsides. This means that we will not be using the boat while the maintenance is performed. In the Navy, we called it a "Limited Availability Period", which was a euphemism for The Ship will be in the Yards for triple the normal work which will require the crew to put in eighteen+ hour days for the next few weeks and even though we might be near home our loved ones will hardly see us so embrace the suck.

The "Limited" was merely that our availability for missions was Limited. Not the effort required.
In today's case, we will have limited money left this week for fun things like Dinner, or good bottle of wine.

The boat will look great, and others will have sweat mightily for our betterment.

We really need to get some good boating in before the Hurricanes make their way towards Florida.

On other issues, there was the possibility of moi and a friend making a trip to the South Pacific for a boat transit, but events have conspired to make this hopeful journey look more and more faint. It would have been great to do some real overnight passages again, especially in places I have never sailed. Maybe next year. hmmm?

Stay cool out there, all you Hot Foxes and Cool Daddio's!

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Buck said...

Sorry to hear the South Seas plan fell through. But you HAVE planted a seed. El Casa Móvil De Pennington needs the same sort of TLC... a good wash, followed by a wax job. And I might know an enterprising young man who'd take on the job for a hundred bucks or so. Prolly more like the plus side of "or so..." as that's a LOT of surface area.