Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have to post some silly stuff

I like to cruise a few blogs, Buck's, Ace of Spades, People's Cube and finally; The I can haz cheezburger blog.

This is the most awesome tattoo evah;

Wait a Minute . . .
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This next funny was stolen from Facebook (Shamelessly stolen from our friend, Wendy)


Yes. I know that the tattoo is some dude from Seattle and not Bob (Banana Splits) Marley. As for the sticker; Let's face it: Most truckers (who show the skinny version of hot naked babes on their 18 Wheeler Mud Flaps) Go home to a lady who might resemble this decal. Honesty is refreshing!

For your enjoyment:


Buck said...

Honesty is refreshing!

Heh. You KNOW I'd have one of those if I were a sticker sort o' person. We've always been a fan... a HUGE (heh) fan... of "built for comfort" in most everything we do. Except for mo'sickles.

LL said...

Too much honesty can make you go blind.