Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Film Watching

Sunday Afternoon:
I napped for at least an hour or so, with the Meezer cats and found I was home alone for Sunday afternoon. I decided to watch some tv. First, I watched the Jaguars lose to the Giants. No biggie, I have no dog in that fight. Next I watched a film that had been recorded on our dvr in August while I was away sailing. The film is a Disney Documentary called "Morning Light".

Once we got past the sappy first hour of watching fourteen wealthy caucasian 21 year olds trying to get in shape (The fifteenth was an inner city kid who was a real trooper and deserved a place on the boat) I started to really get into the sailing portion of the film. In fact, I wished I could be sailing, too. Just not on a TP-52 racing sled. I need creature comforts like a shower, proper head (The toilet roll is visible hanging in the navigation space) and most importantly shade and cover from the weather.

Trailer for the film;

This is a well made film and it does not end like you would expect. But it is worth the watch with your family since this is a film you could watch at church. Very well done, indeed.

This has been a pleasant weekend and I will be sorry when it comes to an end tomorrow morning when I head to the J.O.B.

We did take the Barco out on Friday (I think I covered that), but the rest of the time has been at home entertaining the guests. They are all at the local Elk's Lodge, watching even more football.

Have a great week!

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