Monday, November 29, 2010

New Tim Dorsey book is coming out

In January. As usual, we will have to pre order to be sure we don't miss it. Here is a video from to shill for the latest Travelogue starring that zany Floridologist; Serge A. Storms...

Haven't made it to "Don's Bar" in Key West, I usually frequent the Green Parrot and Captain Tony's.

That's as good a reason to read a book and travel like we do.

See ya!


Buck said...

One word: Kindle. No waiting, no lines, no hassle, instant gratification. It's the American Way.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Buck be sayin' "Kindle"

The Spousal Unit has a Sony bookreader. I dunno. Haven't tried it, if I was on a Space Shuttle; Sure. Lots to be said for signed copies of books, or dog eared pages. Not to mention a real library is in no risk to an EMP burst the Chinese decide we deserve from 500 miles up.

Instant gratification is really the American way, so Kindle is probably it for books. 'Ceptin on my boat. And the Spousal Unit's Sony Reader.

Anonymous said...

I vote for real books! I don't want convenience! I want to read Serge even if i forget to pay my internet bill! (or whatever it is. All of my books are real so i don't know!)