Friday, November 26, 2010

Ugh. I am stuff-fed.

Too much food and wine. This is Friday morning and I still can't consider eating another bite. Maogwai Cat has been chastised (Loudly) for hopping on the counter to lick the turkey pan and Mally is on my lap demanding attention.

The four bottles of Pinot Noir echo dully in my empty and throbbing head.

So much for Thanksgiving's corpulence and over indulging. On to Christmas' crazy orgy of spending!

Now we can gird our loins and do battle with the rest of the holiday season. I do not participate in Black Friday shopping, I prefer to wait for January sales where they really cut the prices.

One good thing about December's holiday season is listening to Adam Sandler singing the Hannukah (Not sure how to spell...)  song. It never grows old... I wonder if they did a song about Americans who celebrate Boxing Day (Kwanzaa)?

So put on your christmas yarmulke, head on out to wally world and get our economy back on track. I will go elsewhere and be selfishly alone.

Mao! Get off the counter!!!


LL said...

I would echo your sentiments, but the stomach still won't echo...maybe later today.

Buck said...

We don't do Black Friday, either. My condolences on the head thing; mine is remarkably clear today, considering all the fine brew SN1, DIL1, and I put away last evening. Just lucky, I guess. ;-)