Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ok, Back to normal shoreside living

It has been a busy weekend. Did a Wine Club dinner on Friday night, closed the joint down. After the great food and wine pairings, the Club raffles off a bottle of each wine that had been tested. There were three couples at our table, one couple got a bottle of the White. Another table won the next wine and they came to the dessert wine and gave it to the second couple at our table. The Chef came up and thanked the Club for coming to the dinner and announced that there was no bottle of Chateau Montelena (Because people like moi had three or more glasses- They ran out!) So a replacement bottle was dug up. It was a Stags Leap Artemis which like the Montelena, had been a winner at the 1976 Judgement At Paris wine exposition which was so artfully described in the film, "Bottle Shock".

There was no WAY that we could be so fortunate as to win the bottle, right?

Chef Stephen looked surprised when the name was drawn from the basket... "Uh, the fix is in... " He muttered and he announced our name as the winner of this much coveted wine!!!

Oh, I loved the murderous glances of the Hoi Polloi as the Spousal Unit walked up to claim our just desserts. What a delicious way to wrap up the evening. A good Buzz and a great bottle to take home.

Some of the puttering about is getting the vids online. Here is the latest from the trip Fiji to Coff's:

SO I have all that going for me, which is good.

Have a fine Tuesday!


Ken n Cheryl said...

What a way to be welcomed home! Glad you had a nice evening and won a great prize. Enjoyed the video!

Buck said...

TEN days without BEER!?! OMG! I have chest pains and my head is swimming...

Ah. Better now. It was just a momentary thing.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

K & C; Thanks!

Buck; Not as hard as you might imagine, going so long with out a barley pop. There are many senses being stimulated by the ocean and winds, small adjustments both to boat and person that keep the mind and body engaged. I drank nothing but tepid water for the entire journey because I did not want caffeine to prevent me from sleep. And I took at least twelve hours of naps a day, which I would consider plenty of rest.

On shore, beer and coffee regulate my rest and alertness. Sort of.