Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Almost Memorial Day!

I have not had much to say, lately. The world keeps spinning it's way around the sun and nothing new really happens to all of us as we continue running the hamster wheel of life.

Last Saturday, we were the Armed Forces Day Regatta Race Committee boat and were treated to a warm afternoon of sailboat racing. Only problem was that my camera was UA (Unauthorized Absence) and there are no pics. Trust me, there were about fifteen boats of which five were spinnaker class, five non-spinnaker and five cruising boats.

The race was about four hours long and very warm, the sun must have been crushing to those without shade. We had shade and airconditioning, thanks to our nice 7.5 KW generator.

After the race, all of the competitors beat feet for home, so the race committee sat in the shade eating pulled pork and enjoying beverages and a fine Florida sunset.

This week we had our islander maintenance  dude, Nick, onboard Barco doing some needed work to the Barco. We now have a new Digital VHF in the flybridge, and our airconditioner in the forward berth is back to doing the cooling thing. It really is nice to have everything in operating order. Why, our teak is still varnished and shiny!

I'm thinking we can get underway around 0500 on Saturday and get to Mayport by 0730 and out the ocean soon afterwards.
 We can make the turn South and follow the beach to St Augustine, maybe a four hour run at 8 knots.

At the Sea Buoy we will turn to the West and carefully make our way into the St Augustine Inlet and from there have a choice between the City Marina or the Conch House which is South, down the Salt Run Cut.

Here is a close up of the two marinas.

The city marina is within a short walk to the Tradewinds and American Legion clubs and also the historic district. Conch House is across the river, but it is a really cool resort with dockside dining and other diversions.

These Chikee hut tables are sort of reminiscent of Seminole dwellings in the everglades, but instead of climbing a tree you get a proper stair-ladder to your table under the grass.

What fun! All this tropical/islander stylings just a few hours away via boat.

Would anybody like to join us? We have a forward bedroom and a sofa bed in the salon. All we need is to pack a change of clothing and bring an extra bottle or two of wine and we can be out on a nautical adventure!

Otherwise, the Spousal Unit and myself will have a very nice time off shore and of course in St Augustine.

Have a great day, where ever you find yourself!


LL said...

We enjoy following your adventures on the Barco!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks as usual, for stopping by!

Buck said...

I WISH I could take ya up on the invite, Darryl. Alas, I have a friend coming in from Orygun and must do some entertaining myself.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Sounds like a great weekend ahead! You're lucky we don't live closer or we'd be hopping on board! Have a great time!