Friday, May 27, 2011

I just found this video

I sorta knew one of the Pilots (At least that was his story!)  in this Video of VF 121; His name to me was Captain Haslam (0-6) CAPT Haslam used to feed me prospects when I was a recruiter for the Navy, back in 1986. Nicest person you could ever know, he would give me names of teenagers from his neighborhood.

The Navy was good to him, and he wanted to pass it on.

"Launch 'em" is a classic from 1955, of course, none of this kind of hi-jinx would be allowed today. I hope you enjoy this film from the USS Hancock from 1955. I wish I could have been in that Navy... This film was a very hot training film, It certainly was more popular than the ever present short-arm inspection films. I saw a 16mm of this back in the early 80's.

By the way, We launch 'em at @ 0700, tomorrow morning!  Off to St Augustine!

P.S.; All the best, CAPT Haslam, wherever you are. You were one of the good ones!


Buck said...

Fifties humor is different, innit?

You were well on your way by the time I got here, Darryl. Fair winds and following seas down to St. Augustine!

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'd say we were all easy to amuse back then.