Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wonderful time in the Florida sunshine

This is the season I really enjoy here in North Florida. The days are in the eighties and there is little humidity in the air. Every morning is a great joy to watch unfold with nary a cloud in sight.

The Barco is getting a new anchor/running light on the radar arch, a new VHF radio and some airconditioning work on the forward unit. Once this is done we should be ready for hot weather operations in the river and offshore.

Speaking of offshore, I am hoping to take a trip from Mayport to St Augustine, following the coast and watching the annual Memorial Day Regatta which the North Florida Cruising Club hosts so well.

Hmmm, with further review... At least I think that there is a race. Usually is. Whatever, I am going to enjoy some cool ocean breezes and maybe tow a lure to catch a fish. This boating thing is about the Barco crew and we are very self contained.

Not too much going on otherwise, we are following the Red Wings on tv and suffering the next morning from being up too late. Very exciting to watch a team on the verge of elimination fight back so valiantly and successfully, too. Tonight, the game should be very exciting and as the Spousal Unit says, "Detroit better bring their "A" game. SWWBO will be at TPC in Ponte Vedra today, so she gets to be actively around dem stick and ball folks.

Another thing about the season is watching the boat-bound snowbirds begin their trips back home. I envy the journey and wish I was heading Northward to cool weather and tree lined waterways.

Have a nice day, wherever you may be.

Brought to you by Iggy the Iguana.


USA_Admiral said...

I agree. This is a splendid time of year in North Florida.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks for stopping by, USA Admiral!

USA_Admiral said...

I guess I will try it again.

I agree with you that this is a wonderful time in North Florida.

Ken n Cheryl said...

We hear St. Augustine is a great place! Looking forward to hearing about it. Have a great weekend!

Buck said...

Very exciting to watch a team on the verge of elimination fight back so valiantly and successfully, too.

To a point, Darryl. To a point. My heart is broken. Again.

Alison said...

Still too cool up here in Yankee land for me. Especially to be on the waters, hope those snowbirds have their winter jackets still on board! We've been diagnosed with another week of wet, cool weather here on the Cape. St. Augustine is a beautiful spot. I've visited there several times- if you get a chance, check out the St.A Lighthouse and Museum. It's such a gorgeous spot... and interesting WWII history/artifacts.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. Blogger had a hiccup last week so I was unable to make any sounds...

Firefox; I have never been to the Lighthouse, maybe I will have to skip the dreaded Tradewinds Bar.

Buck; Yeah, we too were bummed by the results of the game. But the Barco Crew will endeavor to persevere. Next year!

K&C; St Augustine is an American treasure. I have said this before; I really like it over Key West because of how family oriented the old quarter remains. You get a sense of the Key West atmosphere without the excess. Plus it is a short trip to the South of us.

USA Admiral; We are indeed fortunate to reside on the first coast!