Monday, May 2, 2011

Sort of a great day!

Well. The news is out and I am happy the President did what a President should do. I won't even mention the name of that rectal maggot, but I hope the last thing it felt was FEAR!

Now would be a good time for the President and his people to pause and reflect on all the information, who and what and so forth. I find it interesting that there was an Army outfit across the street. This must mean that the Good people of Pakistan were kinda in cahoots, and all that.

What a wonderful turn of events! We can now cut off all aid (Billions!) to Pakistan and use it for other purposes. Perhaps we can consider how to bring all our troops home, including those in Europe and Asia, and maybe end the war?

There is still much work to be done and this little event won't change current events, but one can hope, right?

The weekend was very nice, we had our Barco Sin Vela out at noon Saturday, boating in the warm Florida sunshine. We traipsed on to the Naval Air Station and did the parade lap around the small barge that held the Base Chaplain and the Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The parade included Jacksonville's Fire &  Rescue, Jacksonville Sheriff, Customs and Immigration, Coast Guard!, and the NAS Jax Station Rescue Boat.

We were right behind the important guests and I did pull our boat up within four feet of the dignitaries, but did it slowly as to not rock their boat. And we did receive a blessing, along with a spray of some type of liquid. I hope it works!

Film at eleven...


Buck said...

This weekend WAS one for the books. I'm happy you've been blessed!

LL said...

I hope it was champagne.

My experience with dignitaries is more like bilge water from a fire hose.