Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bohica, Southeastern U.S.!

First big hurricane of the year is inbound, STFB for heavy rolls.

The Barco will need some more lines and a little work to prepare for this next week. Back in 2004, we lived in Fort Lauderdale on the Intracoastal Waterway. We kept the Barco in back of the condo and endured three hurricanes in a month. This was with us living on a barrier (Read: Sandbar) island right next to the ocean.

This time, we are about 32 miles inland tucked into a little cove with wind protection from three sides. It is unlikely we will get any direct damage, but one never knows.

My main concern is getting a couple of cat carriers for the three of Them living with us plus something for my Mom's kitty.

We have about six months worth of MRE's and dehydrated foods and a fifty five gallon tank for drinking water. There is a swimming pool in back for any additional needs like running toilets or having water to clean with.

Electricity is a real concern, at least for my Mom. Mom has COPD and needs oxygen. (She's a Martian who can't breathe Earth's air and should probably be in a space suit...) My plan (If she loses power, if.) is to get her and her machine to my home which has had good luck in keeping electricity. But, if not... Mom better be ready to stay on the Barco. There is food for over a week along with 200 gallons of water and about 250 gallons of diesel with a generator for AC power. Of course, Mom has no idea what my plans are, no doubt she will freak out as this storm nears.

If we have to depart the area, I will know in two days time. It will mean a two car caravan traveling somewhere into the interior. We will hole up in an expensive hotel (Last time it was a Sheraton). The reason for going to a more luxurious place is that most people will head for the cheaper stuff; Day's Inn, Patel's American Owned Flophouse, and of course The Notell Motel. This means screaming kids, thugs, criminals and all the accompanying problems associated with people going on the cheap.

F&*%$ That!  What's the point of having credit cards if you can't splurge and go large? We can make a real weekend of it and stay in some fun resort town. And just to show what kind of baddass jerk I am, I'll get two rooms so that I keep the peace in our family of diverse cats and people!

In a weird way, I'm looking forward to what ever happens. I would enjoy a trip and if all our stuff is destroyed, I will welcome the big insurance checks.

Jacksonville home values are half what they were back in 2005. But the insurance value is the same as when we bought. You can't sell any home for what you paid (unless you happen to be in a desirable location). For instance; My insurance is in the mid 300's, the personal property (the junk I hold valuable) is about 255K and then the insurance would have to pay for my hotel time if my home is not habitable. (Remember, I'm staying at a Westin Hotel!)


I'm sure my Mom will be unhappy, but if she got a check for a hundred K for her lost possessions, we could move on and find a new place to live.

This is all about looking positively at the situation. Fear and panic and such will only make things worse.

In the insurance industry, my situation is called a "Morale Hazard". That is when an insured is going to positively benefit if there is a loss.

Bring it on!

I have a Mossberg shotgun, Marlin .30-.30, S/W .357 Magnum, Ruger LCP .380 and finally a Marlin 60 semi with lots of ammo in case things get squirrelly with the folks who are more unprepared than me.

Of course, I am over reacting to future events, aren't I?

Hope all this is a non-event. Until then we shall keep the powder dry and prepare to make a run for it.

"... In the words of the Gypsy Queen, pack your things and leave". 


I guess my phony bravado and empty threats caused Irene to spin a bit more to the East.

No trip for me!

Now, if we can just get this storm to miss the entire U.S.!


LL said...

Is all of your stuff insured? (hahaha)

I know.

It's sort of like asking me if I'm packing a handgun.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

The bummer if we were to lose our stuff is the missing photos and lost papers of importance. But really, think of the Vietnamese and others who lost everything and had to start over.

Hurricanes are nothing compared with tyranny.

Buck said...

This is all about looking positively at the situation. Fear and panic and such will only make things worse.

I'd say you've done a good job of planning. I hope you DON'T have to put the evacuation plan into action.