Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday is here and still nothing new happening!

Finally, friday afternoon is here and I am gutting out the last hour of work. No one is happy, insurance costs go up, food prices increase and our paychecks can't seem to keep up.

Why, I swear we can hear snapping sounds coming from the phones as budgets go pop!

One nice thing all of  us Americans can be grateful for is our fine Federal Gubmint which is working tirelessly to ensure that the least among us will be fed. I read about something called Confinement Loaf.  Yum. Too bad they don't work as tirelessly to keep our economy as healthy as the guests who endure Nutraloaf.

When will our schools be serving Nutraloaf?

Well, for the Barco crew, we will endure and dinner shall be a steak and a nice red in lieu of the Nutraloaf. Afterwards, we will have a bit of bubbly, watch bad tv and go to bed and then get to enjoy our nightmares; together.

We be so discombobulated, I have no idea what the plans are for the weekend. The keg is still alive and well with flowing Sierra Nevada. My beer friend Phil and I did a quick cipher of the quantity involved; It seems that our $140.00 keg has about one hundred twenty beers, each of which would cost about $4.50 at the local taverns. 120X $4.50=$540

Call me Entrepeneur.

Soooo, my $140.00 investment brought in a return of four hundred bucks in value.... Lessons are there to be learned! Buy a keg, save $400!

Victory is mine...!

Oh, I almost forgot; I need to help mom get her internet back on, so I have that going for me... Always something to be done on every ship, it seems.

Maybe tomorrow,  the temperatures will come down enough to take the Barco for a spin. Or not. For now friday evening approacheth, and with the promise of brown bubbly beer to remove the stress of the day. Stop by and have a pull and I might let you have one of my cigars that I will never smoke.

Have a nice weekend and I hope that all news will be good news for each of you!


LL said...

Obama will continue to deliver hope and change -- maybe if we can borrow another three or four trillion it will work... Or maybe if we borrow ten trillion to turn that illusive corner?

We haven't hit bottom yet. And I don't know when that's going to happen. I would have thought we would have found it by now.

Some parts of the country (Texas) seem to be doing well. The People's Republik of Kalifornia is still really in the tank. I guess Florida too.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

The Presidents conundrum is that no one on his staff nor the President himself has ever had any real experience outside a meeting room. All they know is whatever theory academia has has told them. If these nice folks ever had to make a payroll, or create products, we might see some real problem solving in action.

Hope and change is meaningless without real action. We can't lecture our way to prosperity.

Buck said...

...I might let you have one of my cigars that I will never smoke.

Oh, that was a cold, cold dagger to my heart. I hope you're keeping those things well humidified...

I might get into the keg bid'niz in the near future, but then again I might not. I rarely drink the same beer twice in succession; 120 beers of the same flavor, no matter HOW good it is, would smack too much of routine for me. Prolly. But good beer at significant savings appeals to my inner tightwad.

USA_Admiral said...

Yeah, Milk was 2.29 when the new administration took over. Now it is 3.99. Need I mention gas?

A quick question for you.

How do you handle the Barco with the up and coming Hurricane Irene? I have never owned a boat or ship and never thought about it until I started following your Blog.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

"How do you handle the Barco with the up and coming Hurricane Irene?"

Good question! I will triple the lines, make sure there is extra stretch for the excess tide and just hoe for the best.

I am the insurance dude, so I have lots of liability coverage if the Barco destroys other boats and agreed coverage if I lose the boat.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Hope. Not "Hoe"