Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing of note today

August is one of the slowest months.

Lately, I have been living vicariously through other boaters and wannabee boaters. It really is an exciting process to to learn and live boating. I have been there and done that in many ways, but watching others do what I haven't been doing is still a pleasure to me.

It has been a year since starting on the Pacific adventure, it seems like yesterday. But that is how life goes, you either Are or Aren't. In the Pacific, that is and sailing.

A month ago I alluded to some new stuff coming on the horizon; Looks like I may have been premature because the new stuff hasn't come to fruition. Not a big deal, just a minor disappointment that is overcome by the fact that our lives are very nice, with or without that opportunity.

Very nice!

The past couple weeks I have been watching a blog called, "From Land to Liveaboard". CB reminds me of a younger me, only he has a better touch with the written word and a much better talent with manipulating a website. "Dreams transport the ones who need to get out of town" sayeth the great poet Neil Peart.

We get trapped in the comfortable bondage of everyday existence, sometimes wondering if there is something else we should be doing. My trip last year reminded me of how it was to see a sky full of colored stars from a perspective I had never before viewed in an environment that was a bit rustic. I sit at a computer pondering all that I have not done, yet and what we might do to make something happen. Our health is reasonably good in the aggregate, why can't we get out and experience something new?

We have the house and other bills to pay, that's why. CB is looking for a new way. I hope he can put this together before it is all overcome by events.

Southern Cross photo is stolen from

Another "Southern Cross"

Did you know the Coast Guard had a be-on-the-lookout message in early 1988 for the boat in the video? The Coasties thought there might be drugs on that boat.  Gubmint always be goin' for the low hangin' fruits. T.I.N.S.!

Savusavu, Fiji. Right before we went ashore for beer!

Charming new friend who was cruising in Musket Cove, Fiji with her spouse and three kids. Nice family, too!  (Spousal Unit was right next to me as I took this tasteful photo...

I was bored, while sitting in a cave in Tonga. Imagine that!

Stay focused, everyone. Friday is approaching...


Buck said...

Nice pics. Life is good, eh?

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Always, Buck.

CB Tucker said...

You are way too kind, and perhaps a bit drunk if you think I have a better touch with the written word or a website :) But I do appreciate the kind words. And I too, hope that I can make the change I so desperately want.

I'm sorry to hear that the new opportunity did not come to fruition. But I am comforted by the fact you still lead the good life !

LL said...

With the third 'summer of recovery' yet another concrete balloon, it's tough to fill the larder in new and innovative ways, but I'm with you in that life is good, the weekend is upon us and -- party on -- isn't a bad mantra at all.