Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 2 of the incoming big wind

Ahh, I guess the hope from my final line from yesterday is kinda working out, it looks like we may dodge the big one in Florida at the least and maybe the Carolina's will only feel a brush.


We just don't need more hassles in our Country today, considering what a small earthquake did to those weenies in D.C. I mean the economy is staggering under the load as it is and a major hurricane is the last thing we need to tip us over into 1932.

The Barco Crew is hoping the Gulf Stream, the Coriolis Effect and some winds can push Irene out into the Atlantic to spin itself out.

Driving to the Pizza Joint, I listened to some of the hysteria on the radio yesterday and you would think the earthquake was leaving wreckage like the Japanese style quakes. Some real brave twits were calling in to the Hannity show and bravely whining, so I switched the radio to a Country station. The pain coming out of the speakers is a little bit more believable.

Note; I am from the East Bay (San Francisco Bay) and grew up a couple of miles from the Hayward Fault. Earth tremors were a regular event and were of no worry unless we saw freeways beginning to fall. Missed the big one because I had moved to Florida, I watched the '89 quake on the tv live from the World Series. My Mom was working at the Ellis and O'Farrell Parking Garage that evening so that disaster was very real and personal. After work Mom had spent eight hours trying to get out of San Francisco just to return back home to Concord that night. Seems the 101 Freeway was crushed (Literally) and the Bay Bridge had partially collapsed so she had to go home by way of Fremont. That was a bad 'quake, but even then the human losses were minimal considering how many people were present and involved. Could have been much, much worse.

Yesterday seems like a good drill for us in the Southeast and those folks in the D.C. area. You just never know when the next disaster will be front and center at your locale.

Let's put the brave faces on, ok? We have a few more months of the Hurricane Season, so let's be ready and prudent.


Buck said...

I hope the weather pattern holds for you and everyone on the eastern seaboard.

Apropos o' not much... I almost literally held my breath twice a day, EVERY danged day, for two and a half years when transiting the BART cross-bay tunnel. But no Big Ones while I was there, just a few china-rattlers.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

Thanks, Buck.
As for the BART tunnel, I think that structure is safer than anything else in the Bay Area. The engineers put a lot of thought and design into making the tube safe.

Ken n Cheryl said...

I've never experienced an earthquake living here in Louisiana all of my life, but I've had my fair share of hurricanes! Katrina being the latest beast! Looks like you won't be making that trip or insurance claim! =) We didn't go too far from Katrina, but we heard stories afterwards of people going to Disney World and all kinds of cool places that FEMA picked up the tab for. Oh well, no insurance claim but believe me ... Katrina wasn't no fun! Stay safe!