Monday, March 19, 2012

A fine weekend was had.

I had so much fun that I left the camera on the boat!

Again, we were practically the only boat on the river, there were two! sailboats near Green Cove Springs, one was a Canadian Beneteau, ghosting south towards what looked like the terminus of their journey. Most of the boats at the Green Cove Springs Marina are foreign boats that are stored for the hurricane season. The storage rates are very affordable and the dry storage lot is secure. Why wouldn't a Canadian or European keep their boat on the hard but in Green Cove?

One thing different I did on this particular trip was to imbibe in cokes. Our ice machine had a fine load of large, solid ice cubes and I found we had a case of cokes. Why not enjoy a coke instead of the normal barley pops?

The Mom Unit was perched in her favorite place on the bow of the boat, facing the warm rays of the sun as we headed South. She was reading her book and had her hearing aids in the off mode. There is nary a trickle of wind except for the self  generated breeze of a boat moving at seven knots through the air. I passed a red solo cup filled with Atlanta's favorite bubbly with ice to help keep her hydrated.

The new chair, just installed! 

The Mom Unit sitting on the foredeck

It was a real nice float by our lonesome and we saw no one after the sailboats until we reached the fishing flotilla at the Green Cove marker. From the mark we turned to 180 and headed alone to the Shands Bridge.

Once clear of the bridge we had two overloaded speed boats pass us on the port side, they were (beerily?) cheerily woo-hooing as they flew by waving.

Aah, headed for the Crab Shack, too? Lots of room for everyone.

We passed through the shallow bar which protects the deep water Six Mile Creek with no issue, and slowly went to the long floating dock. I pulled the Barco to the pier like the Blues mobile, we swung from left to right and came to a stop without even touching. We had the entire dock to ourselves, except for some cutie who chose the end of the pier for herself and a towel, doing the sun tanning thing. So we had a nice view, too. Click to enlarge.

For Buck:

She owned the end of the dock.

View towards the restaurant
Along the way we saw this gator

Too warm outside, most everyone is inside

Dreaded crab traps.

Off to lunch!

The Crabshack was packed inside with revelers, mostly big bellied biker types with leather vest patches declaring their participation in the Southeast Asian War. Good on them.

We managed to find an empty table and took it without asking the front desk for permission. Finally, a wait-staff noticed us and came over with menus. We ordered a platter of boiled seafood and a philly cheese steak for myself. (Next time, I will get the pulled pork)


I had the first beer of the day (A pitcher of Landshark, they only had crappy Anheuser Busch beers on tap). I choked it down along with my sub-par sammich. I don't want to give the wrong impression here, the food at Outback Crabshack is never the same quality; But I love the restaurant!


Sunset on the river. No better way to enjoy the weather.
After lunch we took naps and at 1800 we looked around the dock and found ourselves alone. No point in staying at an empty dock so we went back to the home berth. It was a great three hour ride in the as the skies darkened.

We got back at 2100 and cleaned ourselves up and went to the Yacht Club for a nightcap. We were in bed by 2230.

Sunday came and all of the Barco Crew (Including Both Mom's) went to the Sunday Brunch at the Club. Great end to a fine weekend!

Be back later... We have to take my Favorite Human to the Vet.

Back from the Vet. I left the two of them at the hospital in that dreadful two bed hospital room. Whoever was on the other side of the curtain (I didn't look), they we're watching some kid show on tv called Dora the Explorer. I had to leave and take my negativity with me.

The good news is that She Who Will Be Obeyed shall have a private room after the surgery, tomorrow. I am bringing a new pillow from home for her bed, since the one they gave her is totally unsat. I may bring pizza with me later, just to piss off Nurse Ratchet. It is going to be a long four or five days, so I better stay scarce so I don't annoy the Hospital Staff.

Next up is forty five minutes on the stair machine.

Have a nice afternoon...


Ken n Cheryl said...

Wishing your "better half" the best with her upcoming surgery. Looks like ya'll had a great weekend beforehand!

Buck said...

For Buck:

We thank you!

A question: do all y'all get stone crabs that far north in Fladah? Seein' all that seafood made me nostalgic for a BIG-ass plate o' stone crab claws... I tried to wipe out the stone crab population in Key West the last time I was down that way. They are SO good!

Best o' luck to Your Other Half tomorrow.