Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So far, so good!

The Spousal Unit was released from surgery sometime around 1800. She was back in her room (Where her Mom and I were finishing our pizza and salad!) about 1900, woozy but in good spirit. She has a dull ache in the left ankle, the toes look healthy and there is no excess bleeding. She has a little green button which issues forth pain reliever at her bidding. She had a couple mugs of ice water and watched a little tv before letting us out at 2100. She has had a very long day and wanted to get a nice night of sleep.

The nice thing is that her private room is right outside the nurses station and has a nice view of the river, looking southward towards NAS Jax.

I really like the fact that there is professional help just a yell away out the door, so I gladly came home for a couple mugs of barley pops and rest. We will be back in eleven hours.

Thanks for all the well wishes and phone calls!

DC Cat

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Buck said...

I'm glad to hear all's well and hope it STAYS that way.