Saturday, March 24, 2012


And she is feeling better, the pain is growing less with each day. Percoset every four hours keeps the pain well subdued. They gave us a bottle of just less than a hundred tablets, which seems to be really enough. I have a feeling the majority will be flushed down the terlet at this rate of pain subsidence. I look forward to doing the flushing, because I hate that someone would abuse this stuff.

By the way, Someone will get their first real shower today and I get to be the assistant. Joy. Apparently a shampooing needs to happen, stat! Those sponge baths in the bed don't seem to create the same soapy satisfaction along with being rinsed by twenty gallons of potable water afterwards. Ahh, to be an American!

Later, The DC Cat will be going to the Yacht Club to watch the Orange Peel Regatta and get some cold ones with his so-called friends and acquaintances. The Mother-Daughter team can have the house to themselves in peace.

Yep, The good deal is coming up; We only have about twelve more weeks of this! I look forward to the pain being completely absent and of bones growing strongly together. Another cool thing is we get to have the next couple weeks alone here at the house. I'm really ok with that, too.

Off to the shower!


Buck said...

Yup: that first shower after surgery is one o' life's finest lil experiences. And it IS good to be an Amurakin!

I SAVE my industrial-strength pain killers, mainly coz ya never know when they might come in handy.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I understand keeping the good pain relievers around, but the problem around here is 1. If SWWBO takes these pills at a very later date it could be a problem if there is a urinalysis test. 2. Incentivizes burglary by drug abusing teenagers.

Sucks that commons sense is regulated by stupid %$#@ gubmint.

Buck said...

Both good reasons to flush, then. But we don't labor under either burden. I think.