Friday, March 30, 2012

Standing by to stand by...

The greatest day of the week is finally here, the sun is up in clear skies and it should be another fine 85 degree day.

The Spousal Unit continues on the healing journey, parked in her comfy leather chair surrounded by electronics, paper notes, mug o' water and pills. She has a work meeting (despite being homebound and OFF work) at 0900, so I have to get about picking up the detritus from yesterday. I type this with Malli Cat on my lap, purring contentedly at a steady 160 hertz.

While all of this action takes place, the Barco Sin Vela is getting all of the fluids replaced along with filters and belts over at Sadler Point Marina. I'm sure they will do a good job emptying out the wallet, too. So I have a thing to look forward to, that is a ride on the boat in the next few days, bringing the Barco home to her berth.

I'm sure I will stretch that little journey to a couple hours, just because I can. Florida is so nice during this time of year. Time must be spent on the water, it's the rules!

Has everyone caught the Megamillions lotto fever, yet? Half a billion dollars to the lucky winner(s). I drove to Camden County Georgia and purchased four tickets, so I'm no fool. Can't dream unless you have wasted your own dollar or four. I don't understand the people who will blow huge amounts of bucks on this stuff, I was in line at Winn Dixie and I watched some people cash their paychecks, buy a pack of cigarettes and 30 bucks of scratch offs. The Lotto is a tax on the stupid and math challenged, they say. But I have four tickets... Who's the Dummy? I bought my tickets on Wednesday, avoiding the rush.

The time is now 0806; I better get clearing, again. Have a fine Friday and an even better weekend!


I left the homestead at 1130 for a beer run. Drove over to Total Wine and picked up a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and an assorted case of champagne/pinot grigio. The Barco Sin Vela crew is now rigged to endure a weekend of sloth, starting with tonight's steak dinner.

Just being an American is like winning Life's Lottery.

P.S. If we are so stupendously lucky as to score that lotto, well, I guarantee none of you will find out on this blog! But if any of you do win, keep us in mind when you buy that yacht. You might want someone to drive...


Buck said...

I can't remember the last time I bought a lottery ticket. It might have been in Michigan when I was unhappy with the job situation for a short while... a case of "win the Lotto and quit," yanno? None since then, though.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I like the idea of quitting anyway. Who really needs big money to do that?