Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can we have some sunshine now?

The storm has really dumped some water on the region, at least six inches for our locality. Our pool is full to the rim and somebody will be draining a bit using a hose piped out to the street. As for the sky, there seems to be a bit of motion in the clouds and they rotate towards the east in a steady manner. I'm hoping we might see the sun and get a bit of drying. But the plants are really digging the weather, the honey dew vines are expanding outward and our peppers be reaching new heights, too!

The first tomato awaits its fate.

Later on this morning, we will make our way to the Doctor's office for an x-ray and the latest opinion of the bone knitting efficiencies of Her ankle. Let's hope She can put some weight on it starting today so that we can begin the physical therapy path towards walking. This has been a tough merely annoying period for us and we would like to get back to living normally.

So much to see and do! Have a safe day...


Back from The Vet's office;

She Who Will Be Obeyed is healed! Now the next phase, learning to walk again and strengthening the left leg. I picked up a walker device with hand brakes and a basket. The boot will be used sparingly when needed for stability, otherwise she will be up and hobbling about.



Buck said...

I hope the news is good at the medico's... same for yer WX, too.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

And the news was GOOD!