Friday, June 1, 2012

The "Ghetto Navy"

"Hammerin' Hank" USS Elrod FFG-55

My friend Phil spotted this article on the web called, "The Ghetto Navy".

When I spent a few years on board that ship, it was practically brand new. The Skipper had the Deck Division keeping her looking that way by always painting when we pulled into port. Even the interior had that "New Car Smell". Every inch of that ship was spotless, as if her crew cared. We had great liberty ports and interesting missions. We even had bumper stickers that proudly described her as the "Rod and Gun Club". (el-Rod for fishing and Gun for the call sign of our helicopter "Magnum".) We were never the Ghetto Navy and I'm sure the crew of that ship would sorta take offense today.

But we did humorously replace the official motto, "War Ready to Preserve Peace" with "Inspection Ready to Preserve Peace".

We were that sharp.

As for "What have you been doing, lately?" Yesterday, I checked out the running order of an old friend's boat. The air conditioning, anchor windlass and stern gland of a certain Hunter 42 were viewed and everything was 4.0. But I did add about four gallons of distilled water into the batteries, that should keep them working. I hope I can get a close up view of the pictured warbird some time, as I have never been able to look at the inside of one of those beauties! Tomorrow, I will stop back by and get some fenders on the sailboat for Bob and ready the boat for storage.

Have a fine weekend!

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Buck said...

I'll check yer link later, like when I get home and have REAL inner-nets (we're using battery-powered inner-nets at Starbucks, at the moment). SN2 served on a frigate at one point in time... the USS Rodney King... err, Davis (motto: "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?") at one point in time. I thought frigates were pretty cool. SN2 didn't like my "King" joke.