Monday, June 18, 2012

Another fine week that starts with cooler weather!

Big bird cleaning itself in the morning sun.

Cool outside with clear skies. I love these mornings, it feels like one can accomplish anything while still feeling fully energized. In my case, I will drive She Who Will Be Obeyed to the office and then make tracks for the Air Station, where I get to help out around that nice airplane.

Wish I had $200K... If any of you happen to be interested, let me know. A part of aviation history can be yours at a very affordable (Not to me) price!

Airplanes are fun but really, they require more care and upkeep than children. You can slough off the maintenance on either boat or airplane, but if you neglect your boat, it won't try to kill you. Not for a while, anyway. An airplane would be a huge extravagance that I would not ever be able to measure up to and actually keep flyable.

I still haven't gotten around to varnishing the hand rail on Barco, inexcusable.

Since I was outside with the camera, I took a few other photos;

Our tomato stalk gave us three tomatoes and shed its leaves. It still grows. I think of Charley Brown's Xmas tree.

Pepper plant has one pepper.

One Honeydew in progress.

Pepper plants from seeds we retrieved from store bought peppers.

Cantaloupe seedlings, from yesterdays breakfast. I wonder if we will get to see any melons? Why do I keep mentioning melons?

Have a nice week!


Just got off the phone with my buddy Bob; Tuesday at 1000 we meet at the Hangar and I will be adding 18 gallons of fresh oil. I wonder if I can get a pump?

Still a fine day, airplane or not!


Buck said...

Pepper plant has one pepper.

But it's a GREAT looking pepper!

I grew cantaloupes in my garden/mini-truck farm. You'll be surprised at just how much better they are than store-bought.

Barco Sin Vela II said...

I'm hoping I can actually make the cantaloupes grow!

Btw, don't be lookin' at my pepper in that tone of voice...

Thanks for stopping by, Buck!